Where people are involved, psychology is involved.

Leveraging a business psychologist creates a new competitive advantage. Psychology permeates all levels and aspects of an organization, so almost every challenge can benefit from psychological optimization. Big data is no longer an innovation, it’s a commodity. Today the competitive advantage is psychology (AKA emotional intelligence), and the science of psychology provides the know-how to shape the environment by tapping into the hidden emotions underlying daily interactions and impacting all stakeholders.


Psynamics delivers increased engagement, spurring efficiency and a stronger bottom line.

Dr. Feiner was masterful at connecting how I feel, think and behave into a mindset that allowed me to achieve the outcomes I want.

Tom Lix, Cleveland Whiskey

What do you get out of hiring

the team at Psynamics?

  • Cost savings

    Using a business psychologist as a facilitator of the strategy creates more efficient and timely execution of the plan. Thus, reducing the overall spend with other advisors and internal resources.

  • Risk reduction

    Violence in the workplace has increased making monitoring and rescreening, by an employer necessary to potentially identify and address an issue before they leads to violence. Read more about this topic here

  • Time savings

    By utilizing credentialed external resources that round out the team, your workforce can stay focused on their key objectives and together operate at peak performance.

  • End-to-End facilitation

    Unlike conventional consulting we take you through a process. Utilizing a business psychologists allows for you to see your investment through to the end and fully realize the ROI.

  • Performance improvement

    Companies that implement regular performance feedback have turnover rates that are 14.9% lower than for employees who receive no feedback. 

  • Revenue growth

    Achieving profitable revenue starts with strengthening mindset and building a cohesive team. 

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