Life Cycle

We offer a complete suite of services for building a strong workforce. This supports the workforce’s desire for purpose and the company’s desire for productivity.

Success Story

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Global Agriculture Business

Industry: Consumer goods/Farm products

Location: Miami, FL

Size: 18,500 employees / $1.8B

Company Bio

Publicly traded company that grows, packages, and distributes fresh produce globally, as well as prepared food to various retail outlets.


Immediately after acquiring their smaller, more agile competitor, this global company realized quickly that their typical post-integration process was not adequate for the cultural contrast of the new firm. The CEO charged the Chief HR Officer to revamp the integration process, as they went. With a large HR department already in place, what the CHRO needed specifically was an experienced resource to advise along the way. Psynamics offered Outside Counsel to the CHRO and her team, advising on new practices, anticipating potential risks, removing hidden impediments, fostering social dynamics, and course-correcting in ways that built employee confidence. Using a set of inventive modalities from our HR Management and Consulting services, we swiftly shaped the psychological and social dynamics at play as the two successful and radically different cultures with incredibly capable talent successfully become one company.

“We absolutely delivered on this pivotal acquisition because while I was leading the change, Stacy was designing it with me at the same time. Brilliant!”

-Happy Client

Chief HR Officer

Darlene P.

The Result:

The integration achieved 100% employee retention, no loss of revenue, and the stock price went up.

A Selection of Our Services

Recruit and Select


improve conditions for employees and increase their value to the organization.



half day and full day programs for team building and enhancement

HR-Management & Consulting

Solutions for becoming more strategic and data driven in addition to qualitative KPIs



focused on growth, thoughtful planning, and strategic decision-making



workplace stress contributes to at least 120,000 deaths per year. We aim to fix this.



Reduce risk for issues like sexual harassment, stigmas in an organization and culture



set performance standards and offer tools and resources for development



Solutions for reducing absenteeism, workplace agresssion, and culture



Helps with company image, reduces lawsuite claims and helping find work faster