Psychologists use assessments to provide the insights necessary to facilitate all forms of business planning: workforce planning, transition planning. From Individual assessments (e.g. personality and neuro-function), to Leadership (e.g. EQ), and Succession (e.g. 360).

Success Story

Image by Louis Reed


Due to his declining health, the owner of a metal fabricating company promoted his son to CEO much sooner than expected. However, there was no identified successor ready to backfill the son’s position as COO. They needed to find a unique candidate who both had operational experience to replace the son as COO, as well as strategic experience for his son to rely on in place of him. They conducted a search but inconsistent hiring practices resulted in a series of false starts. The pattern had begun to cast doubt on the viability of the transition plan. Psynamics evaluated the current hiring process and found communication with candidates was missing, hiring decisions were random, interviewers were unprepared, and in this case talking openly about feeling overlooked for the position themselves. We designed a new predictive talent acquisition process with various psychometric tests, benchmarks, and interview guidelines. This ensured every candidate had a professional experience, and improved the selection decisions of the hiring committee.

Regional Fabricating Co.

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Size: 210 employees / $250M

Company Bio

A 4 th generational fabricating company with global buyers and new plant overseas.

“We didn’t know what we didn’t know. We considered a hundred reasons for this problem, and tried recklessly to solve all of them. When the psychology team synthesized the issues and gave us a plan, we hired a COO, completed the transition plan, and started growing the company. It was perfect.”

-Happy Client


Robert W.

The Result:

The new predictive talent acquisition process landed the company a high impact, well-rounded COO to strengthen the team.

Assessments We Use


  • Pre-hire Assessments

  • Predictive Assessments

  • Job Fit / Culture Fit Assessments

  • Aptitude/Reasoning Assessments


  • Abilities / Skills Assessments

  • Behavioral / Workstyle Assessments

  • Personality / Emotional Intelligence Assessments  

  • Leadership / 360 Assessments  

  • Interest Inventories

  • Professional Development


  • Needs Assessment / Gap Analysis

  • Talent Inventories / Bench Strength Development

  • Workforce Planning Assessments

  • Team / Group Dynamics Assessments

  • Cultural / Engagement Assessments

  • Surveys: Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee