Skills Training

We offer targeted learning events designed to fill skill gaps for current roles, broaden capabilities for advancement, and re-train employees when new technology, processes or systems are launched.

Success Story

In a Meeting


A mission driven Bio-medical non-profit organization lost several key donors due to a conflict that erupted, very publicly, among board members. Additionally, despite a history of strong donor participation and well-attended programs, employees and volunteers were suddenly anxious about job security and skeptical of the board’s leadership and loyalty. Psynamics immediately met with employees and volunteers to contain further loss of talent and the spread of misinformation. This had a reassuring effect. Then we met for a series of meetings with the board to stabilize the situation and protect from further fall-out among them. Leveraging the charter and by-laws, we facilitated conflict resolution, rolled out a strong communication plan, and determined reparation was possible.

Non-Profit Organization

Industry: Bio-medical

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Size: 75 / $55M

Company Bio

This mission driven organization was founded 35 years ago by the four partners who continue to own and operate the firm.

“We learned just how quickly a single leadership digression can put a great culture at risk. The Psynamics team saved us from ourselves, and changed the way we work.”

-Happy Client

Executive Director

Tina S.

The Result:

The Executive Director and the board now operate as the team they envisioned to drive the mission of organization.

A Selection of Our Services

Media Training

Learn why we perceive certain types of media, or why some people are more affected by media than others



Learn how to effectively delagte power and authority to employees and experience a range of positive outcomes


Learn how to become a better communicator to your workforce or to leadership for a more efficient result.



Learn how to start your company right with the right mindset and strategic HR toolset

Time Management

Learn how to avoid procrastination, attention problems, or difficulties with self control.

Conflict Management

Learn the right skill set for the conflict resolution process and how psychology determines more than 80% of the outcome