Clinical Psychology

Development, Mental Health, Culture

Clinical psychology is the psychological specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive mental and behavioral health care for individuals and families; consultation to agencies and communities; training, education and supervision; and research-based practice. It is a specialty in breadth — one that is broadly inclusive of severe psychopathology — and marked by comprehensiveness and integration of knowledge and skill from a broad array of disciplines within and outside of psychology proper. The scope of clinical psychology encompasses all ages, multiple diversities and varied systems.

Clinical psychology as a specialty provides services to individuals and families across the lifespan and from all ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as groups and communities.

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Our Clinical Services

  • Executive Development - By engaging support from the full system—advisors and managers, feedback partners, learning experiences—real executive development integrates diverse resources to accelerate the performance of executives in complex environments.

  • Transition Planning - Entrepreneurs are compelled to take on the enormous and life-changing experience of running their own company. You carry a lot on your shoulders – you are distributors of wealth, providers to your family, and leaders of a company. You are the nucleus of this ecosystem – parts you do well, and parts not so much. Big job, big responsibility.

  • Family Enterprise - Extraordinary families want all aspects of their lives to be high performing. Yet there are some points in time when attaining this level of excellence in all of your ventures, entities, and family branches feel elusive. Who advises you on how to reach the corners of your world that are unresponsive to your good intentions, wisdom, and generosity? When the leaders of family enterprises want to accomplish more but feel their influence is ineffective and decision making reactive, they wish for a new approach.

  • Family Office - For those family offices who have an interpersonal conflict or in need of getting to the next level, a business psychologist is the best route to navigating those challenges.

  • Culture​ - Transformational change requires that leaders execute differently, altering the ways they make decisions and how they work with each other and with their teams. By understanding what it takes to motivate these shifts, we are able to help leaders model the behaviors that promote the acceleration and cascading of change—and ultimately lead to success.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions​ - Usually in a merger or acquisition, one plus one equals less than two. Our team is able to ensure continuity and best fit between two organizations, usually working with leadership of both organizations. Think of it as a marriage counselor for two businesses.

  • Team Building - And here’s why we’re not like any consultants, facilitators, or coaches you’ve worked with before: We facilitate simply the best team and meeting experiences. We are the anti-consultants to help you succeed then we’ll get out of your way. We promise results or nothing so if you don’t see results, you pay nothing.

  • Motivation and Engagement - Determining which direction to take your company is one thing; knowing how to mobilize the organization to get there is another. We specialize in working with senior teams to help establish a clear direction and align behavior around it. We enhance a team’s ability to work together to achieve their organizational goals and create an impact on the bottom line.

Success Story

Image by All Bong


The owner had a goal of transitioning the company to his oldest son over the next several years and retiring somewhere warm. After his son worked for four years in a corporate setting, his company hired him to work for the CFO. At about 9 months in, his CFO unexpectedly concluded that the son did not have what it takes to be the future leader. While the owner wanted to trust the CFO, he decided to conduct a formal 3rd -party evaluation which confirmed that his son did, in fact, have the profile of a future leader. It also became evident that other employees were missing plans to learn new skills and being looked over for advancement. The bottleneck resulted from outdated budgeting practices that ignored employee development and underutilized the role of human resources. Psynamics introduced a new organizational structure and designed a leadership development initiative that solved for both challenges. 

Closely-held Owner-Operated

Industry: Distribution

Location: Madison, WI

Size: 130 employees / $75M

Company Bio

A closely-held chemical distribution company known for unparalleled customer service with the retention data and revenue growth to prove it.

“When we finally took our CPA’s advice to get outside help, we were able to solve our problem.”

-Happy Client


Oliver H.

The Result:

This regional distribution firm was prepared to develop their existing employees as they expanded into locations.